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THE DOG TAG AUTHORITY A dog tags for "people" directory.

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The dog tag authority is an information site about dog tags for people. Here we have provided a convenient site road map. From personalized embossed military and laser engraved dog tags to blank tags and dog tag supplies...we should have the information you are looking for. Please contact us with any questions, comments and/or suggestions. We are always interested in new dog tag products to feature as well as ways we can improve our site.

History Of Dog Tags
The military dog tags we’re most familiar with had their origins during WWI (1914-1918). Before that soldiers used various ad hoc methods of tagging themselves for purposes of identification in the event of death on the battle field.

Blank Dog Tags
Blank dog tags are available in stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. The material choice is typically dictated by the marking method.

-stainless steel
-anodized aluminum
-notched aluminum

Custom Dog Tags
Custom dog tags are being used for a variety of business and personal events and promotions. From wedding and birthday favors to tradeshows and religious events. Custom dog tags are gaining in popularity and proving to big hit promotional items.

-military dog tags
-engraved dog tags
-full color dog tags
-photo dog tags
-LED dog tags



LED Dog Tags
These dog tags emit a bright white light when squeezed. Customize with a full color imprint of your name, logo or message. Attachment options include neck chain, split ring or split ring webbing combination.


Buy Dog Tags and Supplies
The most sought after dog tag styles and supplies. From personalized authentic military and custom laser engraved dog tags to neck chains and dog tag making machines you'll be able to purchase it here. and the best part....at factory direct wholesale prices! Why pay more?

Theme Dog Tags
Dog tags once the sole property of soldiers in the armed forces have moved into the general population.

Medic Alert Dog Tags

Dog Tag Party Favors

Dog Tag Jewelry
Bling! Bling! Dog tags have made it to the fashion world.

How To Make Dog Tags
Making your own dog tags can be fun and very profitable. In the past few years many dog tag websites have appeared.

-customization methods
-hardware attachment

Dog Tag Supply
Here you’ll find all the supplies for producing dog tags from metal and plastic tags to neck chains and dog tag silencers.

-stainless steel
-anodized aluminum
-notched aluminum
-neck chains
-split rings
-rubber silencers


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Dog Tag History  |  BlanksCustom Dog Tags  |  LED Flashlights  |  Theme  |  Medical Alert
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